A few thoughts on Transition

NB: This is part of a re-post from the Groupsite.   It is not so much what Transition is or isn’t, but just breaks the ice on some criticisms one might have on the process.

The debate around Transition, what it’s for and where it’s going:

We’ve had some pretty lively discussions on the TSB Groupsite around what transition is, and people’s thoughts on it.

The main gist that comes out of these discussions is that everyone wants to contribute to a sustainable future, but although there are many different ways go about it, often what we end up doing seems so small, so insignificant when compared to the juggernaut of ‘unsustainability’.

Ted Trainer in his “The Transition Towns Movement; Its Huge Significance, And A Friendly Criticism” (Google, or email me for the full article):

Firstly [The things Transition Towns tend to do] are easily accommodated within consumer-capitalist society without threatening it, as the lifestyle choices and hobby interests of a relatively few people.

He further argues that: “The supreme goal should be building a new local economy, and running it”.

That’s obviously a tough ask; but I tend to think he’s right. We like to be doing B, but we end up doing A, because really – it’s all we can do.

“Just do something – anything“. A quote from Alex Steffan (from Worldchanging), in a provocative post (much of which I don’t actually agree with) taking completely the other side… That Transition isn’t bright green enough; that it should reinvent the current system by changing our entire culture – by showing that being good and sustainable is so awesome, that everyone wants to do it!

I think we’re all a bit stuck. We’re doing great things; but it’s feels not enough. We’re absorbing the grief of the coming crisis and attempting to create what resilience is possible within our lives, while at the same time trying to get ahead (or stay afloat) in a system not designed for us.

Hence, “Just do something – anything!”

Goshen Watts
Dec 2015

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